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Pre-digital-era mementos are being scanned and archived here along with items from the News and Press pages and documentation of recent events. Watch our progress!

Words of Yesterday and Today: Harry Willson's Trip to Alabama by Ashley Jordan, 1/16/12
Tributes to Harry Willson
20 Years of Publishing Diversity by Ollie Reed, Albuquerque Tribune, 12/8/06
A Well-Seasoned Life pg. 1 by Polly Summar, Albuquerque Journal, 6/23/2000    A Well-Seasoned Life pg. 2
Audio & Podcasts
Zelda Gatuskin reads a story from Digital Face, "Tsunami" (recorded 12/25/2015): Listen
Donald Gutierrez discusses FEELING THE UNTHINKABLE with Edmundo Resendez , KRWG (aired 4/4/2-13): Watch
Zelda Gatuskin discusses Time and Temperature with Connie Gotch, KSJE-FM (aired 1/27/2010): Listen
Book Bashes
October 19, 2014 - Book Bash Tribute
October 19, 2014 - Book Bash Photos Page
May 11, 2008 - Mother's Day Book Bash for MORE GIFTS
December 1, 2007 - Featuring Ken Willson & Kim McKee
June, 23, 2007 - "In Our Own Words: Books by Women"
December 10, 2006 - Celebrating Amador's 20th Anniversary
NM Book Co-op
Spring, 2005 - "NM Book Co-op Makes History" by Zelda Gatuskin
On Publishing
Author's Testimonial by Zelda Gatuskin
What I as a Writer Learned by Becoming a Publisher by Harry Willson
Press Releases &Fliers
7/18/16 - Eva Krutein Bore Witness to WWII, Revolutionary Chile, and California in the 1960s
6/18/16 - Amador Publishers Marks 30 Years of Independent Publishing
6/14/16 (updated) - Books by Eva and Manfred Krutein
10/6/14 - Amador Publishers Celebrates Authors/Poets with Book Bash
10/19/14 - New Titles, Remembrances, Poetry & More
11/21/13 - Huzzah! Amador Publishers, LLC wins the double in 2013 NM-AZ Book Awards
10/10/13 - Local Press Lights Up Book Market
11/01/12 - New Release - FEELING THE UNTHINKABLE
10/28/12 - Launch Event
5/29/12 - A Remembrance & Farewell to Adela Amador
8/30/11 - New Release - WHERE THE SKY USED TO BE
9/1/10 - Book Bash and Tribute to Harry Willson
3/12/10 - In Memoriam: Harry Willson
4/21/09 - 2nd Edition of TIME AND TEMPERATURE
4/21/08 - 2nd Printing of MORE GIFTS / Mother's Day Book Bash
9/28/07 - EVA'S WAR, 2nd Edition
6/13/07 - New Books By Women
12/4/06 - New Partner / New Releases
Special Events
June10, 2007 - Book Launch in Jemez Springs
November 12, 1995 - Anne Frank in New Mexico - Amador Publishers Lecture Program: Making Peace - A Creative Process   [Recording of Die Mainacht by Johannes Brahms, Frank Johnson, tenor and Eva Krutein, piano, from that program]
circa 1992 - Some of Amador's authors in younger days, at an event in Santa Fe.
Sell Sheets (for our Distributors and Vendors)
ANOTHER SPRING - by Robin Matthews
DIGITAL FACE - by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
FROM FEAR TO LOVE - by Harry Willson
"THE HOLINESS OF THE REAL" - by Donald Gutierrez
THE TWO MAGICIANS - by Zelda Leah Gatuskin
Title Archive - Out of Print Books
CROSSWINDS - by Michael A. Thomas
HUMAN SURVIVAL - by Charles L. Hyder, Ph.D. excerpt
TO DANCE, AFTER THE DOOM - by David L. Condit
HUNGER IN THE FIRST PERSON SINGULAR - by Michelle Miller excerpt
JOURNEY FROM THE KEEP OF BONES - by Michelle Miller Allen excerpt
LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS - by Elizabeth McBride, Michelle Miller Allen ed. excerpt

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