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So You Want to Publish a Book?
Submissions Advice
Updated August 2021

Please do not call.

Sorry, we are not accepting new submissions at this time.

You can support our efforts by purchasing Amador books. We hope to resume publishing new titles in the future. Please check back periodically for updates to this notice.

We accept email and snailmail Queries from U.S. authors of completed manuscripts. Do not query if you have not written your book from beginning to end. Please read all of the relevant information. Please do not call.

What We Look For
Amador Publishers specializes in fiction, biography, philosophy and mixed-genre works of unique worth and appeal, outside the purview of mainstream publishing. We will consider novels and short story collections, creative non-fiction, essays/opinion, satire, biography/autobiography. We have established the Worldwind Books imprint as the publishing identity for a broader range of titles, including Poetry.

What We Offer
Amador Publishers, LLC provides thorough editing and proofreading, attractive cover design, promotional web pages, pre-publication and new release promotions, ongoing marketing support, ISBN and LOC registration, copyright to the author, generous author discounts, ebook and reprint options. We report sales totals and pay royalties to authors on a quarterly basis.

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