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Michelle Miller Allen

In Memoriam: Michelle Miller Allen

Books by Michelle Miller Allen
Journey From the Keep of Bones
Hunger in the First Person Singular

Works Edited by Michelle Miller Allen
Last Of The Nice Girls
Christmas Blues
The Spirit That Wants Me: A New Mexico Anthology   (out of print)

Posthumously Published Works
Guardian of the Dark School (Kindle)


Michelle MIller Allen was a novelist, playwright, editor, artist and environmental activist. She earned a Masters degree in Theater from the University of New Mexico. Her poetry, short fiction and articles appeared in various literary and arts magazines in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Her plays were produced at venues throughout New Mexico, and her book of fiction, HUNGER IN THE FIRST PERSON SINGULAR, won the New Mexico Press Women's Best Book Zia Award for 1993. Michelle masterminded Amador's anthology, CHRISTMAS BLUES, BEHIND THE HOLIDAY MASK.

Through a unique blending of realism, magic and the mystical, Michelle's fiction focused on relationship—not just male-female, but the relationship of lifetime to lifetime, place to place. In her visionary, literary fiction she explored the way we attempt, succeed and fail to reach out to one another, to come together and to come apart. Her novel JOURNEY FROM THE KEEP OF BONES, was awarded First Runner Up for Best Visionary Fiction, 2003 by the National Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR).

In 2003 Michelle's production company, Green Phoenix Productions, released a bardic-style poetry CD, INCONSTANT BARD, by her late husband, Rick Allen with musical accompaniment by The Constant Cohorts. In 2007, Green Phoenix Productions, as an Imprint of Amador Publishers, LLC released the posthumous memoir of Elizabeth McBride, LAST OF THE NICE GIRLS.

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