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The Sword AMOR
Cover by Claiborne O'Connor
ISBN-10: 0-938513-07-9
ISBN-13:  978-0-938513-07-9
paperback edition unavailable

available in e-book
ISBN: 978-0-938513-45-2

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A Novel from History
by Tim MacCurdy

** PRIZE-WINNER! ** WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA ** Best First Novel, 1991 **

This rousing tale describes the administration of Governor Luis de Rosas, in colonial New Mexico around 1640. A tempestuous love affair determines, temporarily, the outcome of a bitter struggle for power between government officials and Catholic missionary/clergy.

A literary historian and critic, Tim MacCurdy published fifteen books of criticism, while teaching Spanish language and literature for 32 years at the University of New Mexico. This story is well-researched; to understand this period, one can molder in the archives, or enjoy this novel.

Tim MacCurdy combines an intimate knowledge of New Mexico history and a story teller's skill in this remarkable novel. It should become one of our classics.

-- Tony Hillerman, author of A THIEF OF TIME
MacCurdy is a wonderful teacher and an author of exquisite quality.
The novel is quick and entertaining reading, giving insight into the clandestine activities of Governor Luis de Rosas and his cronies, whose exploits are chronicled in existing judicial and ecclesiastical records from that period... packed full of liaisons, class consciousness, witchcraft, warfare and a varied cast of characters.

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