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Supplemental to EVA'S WAR Second Edition
Danzig-Gdansk Photos
The historic port of Danzig, now called Gdansk, is located on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea, where the Vistula discharges its waters in a fan-shaped delta into the half moon of the Bay of Gdansk....In the late Middle Ages, the German merchants of Danzig converted their wealth into splendid architecture. They built houses with ornate entrance terraces and gilded gables and cathedrals of immense proportions, which towered over the residences like guardians of treasuries. Danzig became known as the Venice of the North....
from the Prologue to EVA'S WAR
by Eva Krutein
Skyline of Old Danzig circa 1930
The skyline of Old Danzig, circa 1930s, showing the city hall tower, left, and St. Mary's cathedral, right. Photo courtesy Wojciech Gruszczynski, Danzig-online
In the photos below we see scenes of the destroyed city of Danzig in January 1946 paired with photos taken in January 2007 of the very same locations in the rebuilt city of Gdansk. The 1946 photos are from Willard Keller and the 2007 photos were taken by Tomasz Strug. Tomasz tells us: "The experience of photographing and walking through the city with the old photos in hand was an amazing journey in time."  More about the photos.
View from Holzmarkt - 1946 View from Holzmarkt - 2007
Above: View from Drzewny Market (Holzmarkt) to Podwale Staromiejskie Street (Altstadtischer Graben) and, restored at right, Jacek tower. Below: Dlugi Market (Langermarkt). The Steffensche Hause - Golden Haus today - has been restored, where only the facade of windows and arched doorway remain in the left-hand photo.
Langermarkt - 1946 Langermarkt - 2007
State Theater on Weglowy Market - 1946 State Theater on Weglowy Market  - 2007
Above: State Theater on Weglowy Market (Kohlenmarkt). Built before 1900; updated several times; demolished and rebuilt. Note upper right corner (enlarged at right) - soldier figure with gun or saber. Very life-like!

Many thanks to our photo team:
Pre-war photos: Wojciech Gruszczynski
1946 photos: Willard Keller
2007 Photos: Tomasz Strug
and Krutein Family Photos: Wernher Krutein
Please do not use photos without permission.

More About the Photos
More About EVA'S WAR
Will Keller Remembers
E-mail editor, Zelda Gatuskin

State Theater on Weglowy Market - 1946 - detailState Theater on Weglowy Market - 2007 - detail

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