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Supplemental to EVA'S WAR Second Edition
Krutein Family Photos
Emma and Hans Lehnert Eva and Manfred Krutein with Lilo
Above Left: Eva's parents Emma and Hans Lehnert at home; they owned a factory for electric appliances in Danzig.   Above Right: Eva and Manfred Krutein with baby Lilo in Kiel, 1945.
Dorothea Engels Krutein Family in Chile
Above Left: Dorothea Engels in 1980. Housekeeper for Eva's parents, Dorothea was instrumental in Eva and Lilo's escape from Danzig.   Above Right: The family emigrates to Chile and grows: Eva, Manfred, Renate in back row; Ursula, Lilo, Wernher and Irmgard in front (from left). This chapter in the Krutein adventures is recounted in Eva's second memoir, PARADISE FOUND, AND LOST.
Forever young! Manfried and Eva on the beach. Above left: Danzig, early 1940s. Above right: California, 50 years later. The third and final installment of the Krutein saga, AMERIKA? AMERICA! includes excerpts from Manfred's secret journals while working on a covert mission to raise a lost Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific.

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