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This'll Kill Ya
III Publishing; ISBN 0962293725
Trade paper; 191 pp.


and Other Dangerous Stories
by Harry Willson

A purposely exaggerated spoof on censorship, the title story is a murder mystery in which the chief suspect is a book! Censorship Committee, beware! How can you censor it without reading it? And this is the book, that, if ya read it, it'll kill ya. The other stories here are the sort that censors would obliterate, if they could. The only work of fiction on the suggested reading list of the Freedom to Read Committee of the American Publishers Association, created in honor of the 200th anniversary of the First Amendment.

There's something to outrage everyone, ranging from conjugations of certain Anglo-Saxon magic words, to explicit sex, violence and attacks on religion and science. ...No author I've read since John Steinbeck has written with such great love for the world, and such a profound sense of humor.
-- J. G. Eccarius, IDEAS AND ACTION
The policeman investigating his book is, naturally, a bit cautious once he gets his hands on a copy of the loathsome and fearful volume. The reader also tends to become cautious, after a while, since it soon becomes obvious that the book you are reading is the book you are reading about -- the book that can kill people, which is called THIS'LL KILL YA. Fortunately, the book will only kill you if you share the most common superstition in our culture -- the idea that words on paper can be dangerous... The more deeply you fear certain ideas, images and taboo topics generally, the more likely it is that the book, THIS'LL KILL YA, might in fact kill ya.
-- Robert Anton Wilson, TABOO: THE ECSTASY OF EVIL

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