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Another Spring book cover art courtesy Annie Lee Art Foundation
Worldwind Books Poetry Series
ISBN: 978-0-938513-71-1
Trade Paper; 120 pp, $16.95

The collection features:
* A reproduction of "5th Grade Substitute" by Annie Lee (1985, acrylic), a detail of which appears on the cover (provided by the Annie Lee Art Foundation,
* 8 b/w photographs by Michele Lee, Black Butterfly Photography-Chicago.

photo by Michele Lee - Black Butterfly Photography - Chicago
"Wise Eyes" by Michele Lee

Watch Video Highlights
of the My Soul's Journey
Online Book Launch Event
Featuring W.C. Aldridge & photographer Michele Lee

collected poems
by W.C. Aldridge

W.C. Aldridge uses snapshots of her childhood and a keen sense of faith to weave her experiences and memories through her poetry. Her new collection marks a timely addition to the Worldwind Books Poetry Series, as Aldridge's flair for honest reflection takes readers into her world with unapologetic transparency. With her soul lighting the way, the poet embarks on a journey both unique and universal, reflecting on family, culture, hurt and healing.

Info Page   Press Releases: 8/18/21 / 11/28/21 / 5/10/22

Listen: W.C. Aldridge Interview & Poetry Reading on Bookable Space with Yvonne Battle-Felton.
some podcast highlights:
at 00.52 Introduction to the episode, Q & A
at 04:30 reading "Color Carries Feeling"
at 17:22 introduction and reading "Planted by the River"
at 23:54 reading "Black Ink on My Fingers"

Heart Made Happy've told me
Up on the High tower,
And down the Main street...

You don't like how I bring it.

But you know,
That's alright with me.
'Cause I don't craft this scribe
In search of your deferential esteem,
But for my heart, which likes to flow,
Droppin' a soul-conscious creed,
Keeping it happy along
With those I don't see.

So, I'll just let you be,
What you have become to me:
A sound bite of my word...

For free.

Yeah, it may be laced with negativity,
That someone else is bound to see...
But curious from your diatribe of
Steady puttin'-down-me,
Will open my personal ruminations and read...
And read...

And read.

And won't it be some kind of
Turned key,
When from your critical seed,

My door of shared reflection is opened...
And in walks
Another heart made happy.

—W.C. Aldridge

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