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Walking The Four Directions
Eagle Spirit Publishing
ISBN:  978-0-9779664-5-5
Trade Paper, 164 pp., $19.95

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Native Spirit in Poetry,
Photography and Commentary
by Stephen M. Sachs

with photographs by Leah M. Ingraham

   The deepening world crisis compels people to search for change. There is a great deal in the Native American ways of seeing and thinking that the world needs very much to return to. All traditional Indigenous people consider themselves to be part of nature, in which everything is connected, while each location in time and space is unique. They knew from experience that humans have a responsibility to keep their world in balance.
    This book honors the ancient principles of relationship of all peoples, as it unfolds an understanding of ancient ways through the author's experience. The wisdom demonstrated here is important for all of us in these times of great transition, for us and all beings.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephen M. Sachs was born in New York City, attended the Putney School in Vermont, received his B.A. from University of Virginia, and received his Ph.D. In Political Science at University of Chicago. He is a Professor Emeritus from the Indiana University/ Purdue University Indianapolis where he taught for 33 years. Since the early 1980's he has participated in many American Indian ceremonies and is inspired and informed by the lessons learned. He is Senior Editor for the online journal Indigenous Policy, available at He currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, Leah and cat, Norskie. See also Circumference of Forever and Poems on the Dance of Life.

Stephen M. Sachs

from Walking The Four Directions

Meditation on the Breath
by Stephen M. Sachs

I am the healing snake
Shedding the skins of my years
Turning to devour them again
Reaping the nourishment of experience
My flicking tongue tasting the memories
Guiding my teeth to sever ancient choices.
Experience is not to be swallowed whole,
But reworked in the process of digestion.
The new scales of my belly
Are the old remade
The better to propel me
Across the sands of time
Until at last my tongue savors
The nectar of salt and fish
Upon the air.
Then I know this is no desert
Upon which I crawl,
But beach.
My heart sings
To feel my oneness with the sea.

Zelda Gatuskin comments on Walking The Four Directions in her essay "The Circle Way".
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