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My Life Before and After Quadriplegia

by Gilbert John

Table of Contents

1. Welcome to My World
2. Home
3. Grandma and Grandpa
4. Boarding School Adventures
5. Learning Never Ends
6. My Two Worlds
7. A Turning Point
8. Me and Bikes
9. School Gets Better
10. Just Take a Chance
11. Silversmithing, School and Motorcycles
12. Roping and Riding
13. The Day I Can Never Forget
14. Carrie Tingley Hospital
15. Mission Impossible
16. Coming to Terms with My New Life
17. High School Graduation
18. New Mexico State University
19. Time Out
20. The University of New Mexico
21. A Real Vacation
22. Life in Mexico
23. Life in Albuquerque
24. Life in the Navajo Nation
25. One Step Back, Two Steps Forward
26. Advocacy and Activism
27. Leadership
28. Our Past and Future
29. Role Models
Postscript: Life With No Boundaries

from UNBROKEN SPIRIT My Life Before and After Quadriplegia
© 2020, Gilbert John

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