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How to Query to Submit Your Book
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PROSE: Please Query First

We will consider inquiries from U.S. authors of complete manuscripts. Please review the Prose FAQ to confirm that your material is suitable, and that Amador is the right publisher for you. Also:

  • do not send attachments until invited to do so
  • do not call (You're a writer, right? Write to us!)
  • review our Manuscript Dos and Don'ts
Thank you in advance for your courtesy, and congratulations on completing your book! ZG

Query by Email
Write to Zelda Gatuskin
Your email Subject line should say QUERY plus the TITLE of your book.
In the body of your email (no attachments, please) provide this info:

  • Your name
  • Complete contact info, including physical address
  • Title and subtitle of your book
  • Genre(s) or subject(s)
  • Who is your primary audience
  • Word count, number of chapters
  • Brief description
  • Why this book is special
What to Expect
I will write back to you. If I'm not interested, I'm not interested, please do not send anything more. If I am interested, I will invite you to send the entire manuscript file.

When I acknowledge receipt of your file I will estimate my response time. I may not read your entire ms., but I want to confirm it's complete, see what shape it's in, sample it, and read through if it grabs me.

If I am interested in publishing your book, I will want to speak with you. If we decide to go forward, I will follow up with draft contract language, written guidelines for how the ms. should be prepared for final submittal (formatting and or editorial requests) and a proposed publication schedule.

I may offer you the paid Manuscript Review Service. If so, it's because:

  • the work is interesting and I'm willing to take a closer look
  • it is not ready for publication for one or more reasons
  • I feel I can offer substantive advice
There is no obligation to purchase this service

Query by Snail Mail
Send a letter to: Zelda Gatuskin, Amador Publishers, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Be sure to include your phone number, email address if you have one and/or a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) for reply. In addition to providing the information requested in the list above, please include 20-25 sample pages.

POETRY: Please Query First

Please review the Poetry FAQ. If you feel your poetry is suitable and that Amador is the right publisher for you, send a letter or email that anwers the questions below:

  • What is the working title (and subtitle, if any) of your collection?
  • How would you describe your style of poetry?
  • What is the unifying theme of this collection?
  • Do you give readings, participate in poetry slams, or otherwise actively promote your poetry?
  • Have you previously published individual poems, chapbooks or collections? (If yes, you may briefly list or describe - for example, "assorted poetry journals" - you do not have to list them all.)
  • Do you hold the rights to publish all of the poems in your collection?
All queries should include:
  • Your name
  • Complete contact info, including physical address
  • Sample poems
If sending poetry by email, include sample poems in the body of your message.

Email Queries
Send your email to Zelda Gatuskin with "Poetry by " and your full name in the subject line (Example: Poetry by Zelda Gatuskin). Do not send attachments the first time you write to me, wait until invited to send a file.

Snail-Mail Queries
Mail 10-20 pages of poetry to Amador Publishers, LLC, 611 Delamar NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107. Include an SASE for my reply. Do not send your only copy, submissions will not be returned.

Preparing Your Poetry Manuscript

  • Please be ready to send your entire proposed collection in a single file (not a whole bunch of individual files).
  • Poems should be single-spaced in 12 pt. standard font style (don't get fancy), generous margins, author name and page number on every page.
  • Include a title page, table of contents, any previous publication credits, and short author bio.
  • Optional: Dedication, Preface and/or Afterword text may be included with submittal or added later if ms. is accepted.

What to Expect
If I'm interested, I will want to see all of the poems you have in mind for the book. Only send work that you feel is sufficiently polished for publication.

Once we have taken a look, you will either be offered a publishing plan and author agreement or provided with a short, constructive critique to support you in your writing. Our goal is to encourage and empower all writers. We're a small operation and must be highly selective, but in spirit we embrace all sincere creative efforts.

By sending your poetry for consideration, you are under no obligation to purchase publishing services, and Amador Publishers, LLC is under no obligation to offer a publishing contract.

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