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"Signs of Hope"

This writer has become weary of his own awareness of the negative. There is a lot going on, near and far, to cause a body to have negative thoughts and to speak and write a discouraging word. There is ample evidence, piling up higher and deeper, that we have advanced far into decadence, as a people, and that the final collapse of the First American Republic is pending. We may in fact already be past it and into the Empire Period, which classically follows that collapse. We do seem to be dealing with an unchecked and uncheckable Emperor, who reminds us more and more of Caligula. He is uninformed and uninformable, and seriously deranged.

Add to that the advancing collapse of planetary life-support systems, including potable water, breathable air, fertile topsoil, fertile oceans and declining biodiversity generally. Keep your eye on the exponentially multiplying population pressure everywhere. Negative thinking comes easy -- there's a lot to feel negative about.

So, I had to take another look and see what signs of hope I could find, and lift them higher into my awareness. Perhaps it will be a good exercise for my readers, also. Try these:

[1] The Will of the People will yet be taken into account. The acting president's approval rating in all the polls being taken these days is a hopeful sign. Seventy-two percent of America's sovereign citizens DO NOT APPROVE of him.

[2] The media shows signs of awakening, after years of sycophancy, and that is hopeful. I note three recent instances.

[a] Frontline on PBS ran a story, entitled "Endgame in Iraq," which gave detailed evidence that the American presence in Iraq is now the problem and must come to an end. Some of us have seen clearly that the American presence in Iraq was a disaster from the beginning. More and more suggestions, in one mainstream outlet after another, leak that signal in spite of all administration attempts to prevent it. "Support the Troops" has become a cynical joke instead of a mouth-stopping slogan, given the way this administration DOES NOT SUPPORT THEM, especially those that are injured physically or psychologically.

[b] Michael Moore's new documentary film, "Sicko," deals with the health care crisis in this country in a clear and straightforward way. The problem is that insurance companies remove one-third of the money from the system, providing no care at all. "Coverage" is not "health care." And "coverage" is totally undependable, given all those legions of insurance agents whose function is to deny care. The solution to the problem will be very simple, when it happens, and a vast majority of Americans want it to happen. Simply remove the insurance companies from the system. This movie will make it harder for the parasites to get away with their chicanery by squealing "socialized medicine!" Socialized medicine is exactly what we want -- a single-payer system, which declares plainly at the outset that health care is one of those "inalienable rights." I am more hopeful about this topic now than I have been in decades.

[c] A locally-made documentary, called COMMITTING POETRY IN TIME OF WAR, is ready for marketing. We saw the world premier here in Albuquerque last week-end. An English teacher at Rio Rancho High School, who was coach of the Poetry Slam team, which competed interscholastically, was fired in the spring of 2003 because his students wouldn't quit writing and performing anti-war poems. This movie documents the fall-out from that -- the gentleman sued, won a settlement, invested that settlement in the making of the film. Included is a great deal of footage of the Albuquerque Police riot on the day and evening of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. We see unprovoked police beatings of peaceful citizens, tear gas, dogs, horses -- it is quite disgusting, but the fact that it is on the screen is a hopeful sign. Watch for this film -- the marketing techniques may be somewhat unconventional.

[3] There is an awakening environmental movement. Some businesses are becoming involved, and others are at the point of offering lip-service at least. Even fundamentalist Christians are joining in, with the belief that "the Creator" doesn't want the humans to destroy what he created. Let's be hopeful. The alternative attitude, which entails hopelessly doing nothing, will have extremely dire consequences.

[4] There is an awakening Anti-war Movement. The scope is widening -- not just this aggressive, pre-emptive "war of choice," as some call it, but all war, war itself, that obscene Pentagon budget itself. Women are still leading the way. Let's all of us follow!

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