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After watching the recent press conference of the Acting President, one is forced to wonder about some things. How did it come to pass that a person who comprehends so little has become "the most powerful man on earth," "commander-in-chief of the largest and most expensive military establishment in the history of the planet," "the decider of what to do about the axis of evil and several dozen thousand nuclear warheads"?

Some oil magnates selected him, thinking he'd be easy to manipulate, which he is, except for the fact that he's such a moron the facade has slipped and more and more of the mindless nation of sheep he's supposed to lead now see how stupid he is. We could have been rid of him by now, if the process had started back when Congress took it off the table. There were plenty of high crimes and misdemeanors on the record.

So, after the recent press conference, concerned citizens are saying, "That isn't what the country needs! We need leadership. We need ideas, new ideas." Well, we're not going to get leadership from this guy, so everyone waits until next January, which is many months away. That's a long time to let problems like a recession and a broken military establishment languish without real attention. And I worry about what I call "Cheney's stunt," although most fellow-citizens do not. They're worrying about other things, like the recession. But he could unilaterally bomb someone, like Iran. He could send the last troops we have across the Iran-Iraq border. Commander-in-chief? I thought he was AWOL. He could bomb Philadelphia, or some other American city, and say someone else did it. He could have any of us arrested and locked up with no legal recourse - it's in the Patriot Act.

When a reporter at the press conference asked him about Zimbabwe, the blank look from the "decider" was alarming. The only comment he has on the collapsing economy is "tax cut." The mindless nation of sheep need to wake up in order to defend what's left of the safety net -Social Security and Medicare - or the entire nation will look like Zimbabwe.

Mark Twain said in the 1890s, as the United States was taking possession of Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Philippines and other places, "You cannot have an empire abroad and a democratic republic at home." He was right. We do have an empire abroad, but the democratic republic at home is a shambles. Habeus corpus, elections in which the votes are counted, privacy, equality - all gone. The strange thing is that the imperialists selected such a jerk to be emperor. It may yet turn out to have been a mistake on their part. In my own view the empire itself was the basic mistake. It does seem to be disintegrating, as they all do. Rome, Spain, France, Britain - they all do collapse and fall apart. This one we get to watch.

We need leadership. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." "Ask not what your country can do for you..." Can anyone imagine anything like that coming from this tax-cut, torture, war-on-terror non-entity? On the basis of what did Yale and Harvard grant him degrees? He cheapens degrees, and both schools. He's an embarrassment to everyone who is smarter than he is, which is almost everybody.

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