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What would the American people do if some power from a different hemisphere bombed all our sewage treatment plants, all our electric power plants, and all our water supply stations? What would we do if, after that, that same power sent an invading force into every city, arrested the state governors and city mayors, and went house to house breaking down doors and arresting the male inhabitants? What would we think when they looted our museums and confiscated our crops and minerals? Would we as a people object? What percentage of our population would form some kind of resistance movement?

I try introspection, and on the assumption that I'm not much different from my neighbors, I think some of us would resist. I know how seriously I resent it when intruders break the doors of my house. I become a mortal enemy of the intruder, and I don't "get over it."

But I notice that the American people are very passive. I don't think the majority believe that protest, let alone armed resistance, is patriotic. Our current population could not pull off anything like the original American Revolution. That kind of zing is missing. A fire has gone out. Solidarity is nowadays quickly and easily mocked, and not taken seriously at all.

When election fraud occurred in the Ukraine, the Ukrainians massed in the streets until some kind of correction was made. Here we have had two fraudulent presidential elections in a row and the Americans never protested seriously at all. Even after the evidence is out, we have tolerated the fraud, and done little to guard against the next attempt to steal another election.

Comparisons to the fall of Rome come to mind. They had little "defense," except mercenaries, whose loyalty is fragile when things get rough. Our National Guard is in another hemisphere, so they won't be much help in defense, when it comes to that. The fact that our National Guard is the invading and occupying force in someone else's country makes the word "defense" all the more inappropriate.

Some have referred to the suicide bombers and hijackers as cowards. I do not understand that. The word seems more fitting for those of us who tolerate murder and arson and rape and door-breaking, and do nothing to resist.

But perhaps I should not be so hard on our people. They have been heavily bombarded, that is, seriously brainwashed, by the mainstream media. The people are busy with two or three jobs, trying to maintain an absurdly high standard of living. They are being lied to all the day long, and all evening, too, blatantly and subliminally. They have been taught to believe that protest is un-American. They have not been taught any history. Many, perhaps most, do not comprehend the concept of the negative number. Preachers and teachers have done their best to rescind what Rousseau called "the Social Contract." "Get yourself saved." "Get the highest-paying job, no matter what is entailed." Greed has been regarded as not only permissible but "cool," for several decades. How could I be expecting a revolution, given all that? We lack the guts for it.

Having said that I must add that I'm glad we as a people seem to have lost the guts for additional pre-emptive wars of aggression and torture. Our people are sick of it. It will come to an end soon, unless someone steals the next election.

Just look, again, at what we're able to tolerate!
[1] Four dollar a gallon gasoline, soon to be five dollars.
[2] A huge bail-out for banks and "investors."
[3] Ads which suggest, "Consult your doctor."
[4] Slogans like "Support the troops," in the face of torture, Walter Reed Hospital filth, a promised veto of a new G.I. Bill of Rights, and fourth and even fifth deployments into a war/occupation zone.

"These are times that try men's souls."

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Copyright © 2008 Harry Willson

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